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US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her recent visit to India , observed that following the success of economic liberalization measures effected in 1990s, India is no longer a mere regional power, but a global power. The country has witnessed rapid economic growth rates and is now the world’s fourth largest economy. Average dollar incomes have increased more than 300% as compared to the pre-1990s era. With the inflow of more Foreign Direct Investment than ever before, as the economy expands, business leaders have a greater responsibility, to bring about the metamorphosis- taking the country forward from the threshold, to the realms of super power status.

However a recent study indicates that only a small percentage of business graduates in the country are employable as they lack the basic skills necessary to effectively contribute in diverse sectors-ranging from manufacturing to marketing to finance…

At K.R. Mangalam, we understand that every individual is not a born leader. A manager has to be created, skills have to be developed and resources must be converted into capabilities. A young management graduate must understand the intricacies of the world market, diversity of the work force and above all, he must be ethical, socially responsible and environmentally conscious. It is precisely these traits that our students possess and that which distinguishes K.R. Mangalam from other “me-too”, “also-ran” business schools.

I extend a warm welcome to you with the promise of an enriching, enjoyable and empowering experience at K.R. Mangalam.
May Lord help you make your own sun shine!

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