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Chapter - 9
Facilities and Resources


A cafeteria is provided within the campus for students and faculty. Meals and refreshment can be bought on payment. Great decor and mouth watering delicacies make this a popular hangout for students.

Bank Extension Counter

There is an extension counter of Punjab National Bank situated in KRM campus. Students can open an account with the bank and avail the facilities.


The Library has resources relevant to teaching, learning, training, research and consultancy needs of the Institute. Huge numbers of national and international periodicals are subscribed to, so that the students keep themselves abreast with the trends in the global market place. Every student is issued library books as per the library rules framed and displayed in the library from time to time. Eating and drinking in the library is not allowed as these activities may damage the books and other library material. Mutilating and defacing library books, journals and other material by highlighting, underlining, writing, removing pages, or otherwise damaging the library material will result in disciplinary action.

Computer Lab

KRM has state-of-the-art computer labs having 120 nodes and multiple high-end-servers. Round the clock high-speed internet facility is available. Full internet and e-mail facility at all times is one of the salient features of the computer centre. Latest Operating Systems, Front End Tools, Multimedia Software, Statistical Packages are also available.

Photocopy Facility

The photocopying facility is provided at KRM only for official purposes. However, students can use this facility at a nominal price.

Language Laboratory

To instil the students with language arts, KRM is soon coming up with a language laboratory. The objective is to provide an expertise on global language- English and other foreign languages (currently French Language id offered. KRM aims to achieve this objective in a manner that satisfies the global industry requirements.


KRM has excellent facilities for indoor and outdoor sports activities like cricket, football, hockey, athletics, table tennis, badminton and volleyball.

Free Laptop

Laptops are provided free of cost to the students as a learning tool during the tenure of the programme. A student can take the laptop along with him/her after completion of the programme. However, if any student leaves in the middle of the programme, the laptop will have to be returned to the Institute. The laptop shall remain the property of the Institute until the completion of the programme.

Seminar Hall

KRM has a fully equipped large seminar hall which makes it convenient to have a large audience for major events.

Hostel Accommodation

There is separate accommodation for girls and boys in the hostel that is nearby the campus. To and fro bus facility is available for the students from the hostel to the institute in both morning and evening hours. Drinking in the hostel and bringing unauthorised persons is strictly prohibited. For any queries or problems concerning the hostel accommodation, the Administrative Officer could be contacted. The hostel rules are to be strictly followed.

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