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Chapter - 3
Registration, Orientation and Other Requirements

Registration and Orientation

All the students are required to register themselves at the beginning of any programme on the scheduled date. Similarly, at the beginning of each semester the students are required to re-register themselves for the semester. Without the registration or re-registration the student will be deemed to have not started the programme or the semester. It is also the responsibility of the student to give the latest details regarding addressing and contact numbers etc.

On joining the Institute, students will undergo an orientation programme of 2-3 days’ duration. An orientation programme is designed to familiarize the students with the Institute, faculty members, academic infrastructure and the programme concerned. The objective is also to bring a convergence among the expectations of the students and parents on one hand and the industry and the institution on the other so that every one develops a realistic perspective about the things to unfold during the programme.

Bridge Course

Considering that the students entering the various management programmes come from different academic backgrounds, it becomes necessary to offer basic modules like Mathematics, Accounts, and Computers to bring all the students on the same platform so that the management courses can be understood by the students with relative ease. Thus, the bridge course consisting of the above modules in conducted for one week. It creates a platform for the students to initiate the programme with zeal and confidence.

Attendance Rules

Attendance is mandatory in 100% classes and other activities like guest speeches, field visits etc. However, due to some unavoidable reasons like illness, some other compelling unforeseen commitments, if the students are not able to attend some classes, they should take advance written permission for such absence from the Programme Coordinator. However, such absenteeism should not exceed 25% (in any of the subjects) under any circumstances. The students should note that they should have 75% attendance in every subject individually. If the attendance is less than 75% in a subject, he/she will be debarred from writing the end-semester examination for that particular subject. The student will be allowed to take an examination later as per the make- up policy.

Minimum Academic Requirements

The following are the minimum academic requirements to be fulfilled by the students. Chapter–6 of the handbook elaborates the Assessment & Grading system applicable at KRM. During an academic year the student:

  • should not have secured more than one “F” grade;
  • should have a minimum SGPA of 5.00 in each semester and a CGPA of 5.50 at the end of the final year.
  • should have secured in each course a C+ grade to pass.

These are the minimum academic requirements that each student should meet during each year of the programme. Failure to meet these requirements will bring him/her under the purview of Counselling. In such a case the student will receive a notice from KRM and will have to undergo counselling sessions with assigned faculty at KRM. In case the student fails to improve his/her performance in the subsequent term, he/she will face a possible termination from the programme. Such termination from the programme will be based on the report of the assigned counsellor.

A student may be terminated from the programme if he/she fails to improve his/her performance even after receiving a notice & counselling. The student’s name will be struck off the active rolls of students in the event of termination from the programme.

The student can, however, seek re-admission. In such a case, the rules and regulations governing the new admissions will apply.

A student is deemed to have fulfilled the requirements for completion of the Programme when he/she has

  • Passed all courses prescribed for him/her in the Programme and cleared the total credit requirement
  • Been awarded a minimum CGPA of 5.50 on a 10.00 point scale at the end of the programme and SGPA of 5.00 in each semester separately.
  • F grade in not more than one subject each year.
A student is deemed to have become eligible for the respective Programme Certification if, in addition to satisfying the above requirements, he/she has no case of in-discipline or of using unfair means pending against him/her. Also, in case of a student having outstanding dues against him/her to be paid to KRM or any other recognised organ of the Institute, his/her diploma will be withheld until the said dues are cleared.

Minimum Academic Requirements

In case a student misses an assessment instrument due to genuine reason(s), he/she can be granted a make-up for that instrument by the faculty concerned. In granting a make-up faculty would judge the genuineness of the circumstances under which the student misses a particular instrument. In this regard the decision of the faculty will be final. The make-up would have the same format and standard as the original examination.

Anyone, who is not able to take the make-up granted by the faculty on the date & time decided, will be awarded zero for that test instrument. Normally no make-up will be granted for any instrument other than the written test(s). The faculty may conduct surprise quizzes and any student absenting from these will be awarded zero.
If a student is not able to pass the end-semester examinations of any subject due to absenting or being debarred due to short attendance or due to not being able to secure C+ grade, he/she can appear for the supplementary examination with the next semester examinations usually held every six months. The student will have to pay an examination fee of Rs.250 for each such subject for which he/she has to take an examination. A student who has scored a passing grade but wants to improve the performance in that subject can also take these supplementary examinations by paying the examination fee of Rs.250 per subject.

The supplementary examinations mentioned above can also be taken by those students whose paper has been cancelled due to the student found using unfair means in the examinations. However, if the student is awarded a stricter punishment (i.e. more than only cancelling the concerned paper) by the examinations committee, he/ she will be allowed to take supplementary examinations according to the punishment so awarded.

In all the above cases, when a student takes the supplementary examination as a pre-requisite he/she will have to undertake a ‘Guided Self-Study’ under the guidance of a faculty member before being eligible to take such examination by paying a fee of Rs.1000 per subject. A certificate of having satisfactorily completed the ‘Guided Self-Study’ and the re-examination fee will have to be submitted along with the re-examination form.

Note: All above will be subject to the approval of the academic advisory council. The fee for supplementary examinations and the ‘Guided Self Study’ may be revised from time to time.

Minimum Academic Requirements

Any academic or other grievances could be brought to the notice of the Programme Coordinator or the Deputy Registrar directly or through the faculty members. He/ she will look into the issue(s), in consultation with the Director General and necessary action will be taken at the earliest.

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