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  Extra Curricular Activities :

For those who have decided to pursue MBA, it's the ideal programme, as it not only provides the foundation, but also makes the path easier. Students at an early age learn the basics of business and can
Orientation Programme
Every year at K. R. Mangalam, the Orientation Programme is conducted with a view to welcome the new faces. Three days acclimatization session is organized with lot of learning activities, business and management games, movie time, Industrial visit along with Delhi Darshan.

Senior students actively coordinate the entire event with full zeal. Industry speakers are also invited to enlighten the students with the corporate world. Laptop as an educational tool along with pens, folders & T-shirts are also given to the students.
Our faculty members and the BBA final year students organized a business quiz called “inQUIZition” on 23rd October, 2012. The quiz was divided into three rounds – “Think out of the box”, “General Knowledge” and “Business Awareness”. Participants were divided into ten teams of five members each. Host for the event was Adit Gupta (student BBA final year). It was a neck-to-neck competition and tie-breakers were held at the end of both the first and second round. Winners and runners-up were rewarded appropriately by the Director General - Dr. Prof. Subhash C. Gupta.
JOSH 2012(Sports Day)
The annual sports event JOSH was organized on 31st October 2012. The event consisted of three major sports CRICKET, BADMINTON and VOLLEY BALL in which more than hundred students had participated.

All the participants were full of enthusiasm and sporting spirit. In cricket the winning team was PG-1 who defeated the architecture batch to lift the cup and in volleyball BBA-1 won the trophy. All the active participants were awarded with certificate of appreciation by Director General Dr. Prof. Subhash Gupta in a special facilitation ceremony organised by the college.
Guest Lecture (Mr. Harpreet Singh) 26th September 2012.
The Guest Lecture was delivered on “Goal Setting and Parameters of Success” by Mr. Harpreet Singh an alumnus of IIMA and currently the President of Higher Education at Educomp Raffles Higher Education Ltd, a joint venture between Educomp Solution Limited and Raffles Education Corporation-Singapore. The session was enlightening and it infused the participants with enthusiasm and clarity on one the most talked about but deeply misunderstand topic of “What is Success? How it should be measured? All the students of UG and PG attended the session and thoroughly enjoyed it.
The key takeaways of the session being the following:-
• Dream BIG
• To understand and acknowledge that in each one of us the potential is UNLIMITED
Success Indicators are- 1. Power 2. Money 3. Fame 4. Happiness 5. Satisfaction 6. Wisdom
• Thought » Words » Actions » Practice » Habit »Character » Destiny, this is also discussed in the Gita.
Industrial Visit to Parle, Neemrana on 17th October 2012
An industrial visit was organised to Parle factory at Neemrana, Rajasthan to provide a firsthand knowledge of how the 4 M’s operate in the real world Mr. Ashutosh Srivastava, Hr at Parle gave a very informative session on the working of the Parle plant and also shared his leadership style to resolve the day to day conflicts which arise in the team and also at times at individual level. He also shared that Asia’s biggest oven is also installed at Neemrana. The MBA students of final year and first year were happy to learn the difference between theory and practical and they could appreciate the realities better. The visit ended with taking pictures near the main gate and having some fun.
A visit to Yakult factory on 28th September, 2012, was a great learning experience for us. Yakult is manufactured at an ISO 9001:2008 and HACCP certified factory in Sonepat, Haryana in North India. The total factory is designed as per international standards and special care is given to maintain the highest level of hygiene standards and best quality product to its consumers.

The staff at the factory was very welcoming and friendly. Further, we were all taken to a seminar hall where we were introduced to the product, Yakult with the help of a descriptive presentation followed by a discussion. They were open to all the queries of the students and gave their best efforts in clearing those doubts.
We learned that Yakult is a fermented milk drink containing over 6.5 billion probiotic (friendly)


Enlightening the Managers of Tomorrow
A Report on the Sixth Orientation Programme 2013
It is a tradition of every institution to hold ‘orientation ceremony’ at the onset of a new academic session to counsel its newcomers. As K R Mangalam Institute of Management entered in its sixth academic year, all enthusiastic freshers and other members of the institution got together on 29th July 2013 for a 3-day long orientation programme.
The very first day of the programme witnessed feeble and timid new faces. Each student was absolutely fixed in his/ her chair and was consciously looking around the place. We had placed the new batch in a large room where the document checklist was being corrected. An air of apprehension was running through the room. As seniors, we took charge and began with an introduction session. In a very friendly manner, we asked our newcomers to come up and briefly introduce themselves. Each one was initially hesitant but the atmosphere was now beginning to get a little relaxed. The faces now had a sense of serenity. As the little chat between us ended, we requested the new batch to proceed to the seminar hall.
Seminar hall was all prepared to conduct the succeeding programme. Students quickly took their seats and the orientation began with a lamp lighting ceremony. Our Director, Prof. Vijay Anand Dubey initiated the proceedings. Other dignified professors and teachers accompanied him. The programme finally began and the students were introduced to their respective faculty members. A video clip titled ‘Life at KRM’ was then shown to the students. The video featured the students’ life at the campus. The first day of the programme ended with senior students sharing their experiences at college and our Centre Head, Ms. Manvi Arora wishing the students luck for their upcoming ventures. Students then enjoyed some snacks that were arranged for them in the college premises.
The second day of the orientation programme arrived. On the second day students were made aware of the examination practices and procedures. Also we discussed the various clubs and committees that form a part of ‘Life at KRM’. Senior students shared the memories of the cultural activities, trips and other events that were conducted in the previous academic session and how the new batch can get involved in the same. The students discussed their areas of interest and how they can contribute to the cultural practices of the institution. The students were quite energetic and displayed friendliness and congeniality.
The programme was furthered by guest lectures by two very eminent personalities of the corporate world. Mr. K. R. Kaushik discussed the state of businesses in the current Indian Market. It gave the new students an insight into what corporate world is and how this course of management would make them efficient to deal with the endeavours. Mr. Wasim Alam delivered another lecture on the crucial topic of ‘Business Ethics’. Business ethics are critical for any business to flourish. Thus this topic was selected to make the upcoming managers aware of the importance and peculiarity of ethics in appropriate functioning of any organization.
The second day finally came to an end with the distribution of some refreshments.
The third and the final day of the orientation programme was little different. It was not conducted in the college premises like the usual days but it included traveling and adventure and fun. The third day was the industrial visit to the ‘Mother Dairy’ plant in East Delhi. Students appeared on campus early in the morning for the trip. Everyone was wearing the white and red T-Shirt with the institution logo. Buses were then loaded with the students and the journey had commenced.
Students enjoyed the trip in the bus. They were singing, eating and clicking pictures. As the bus stopped in front of the Mother Dairy main entrance, everyone got down slowly and proceeded inside the plant. The head of the plant had organized a presentation for the students. The presentation showed the workings of Mother Dairy across the country and the various milk products that they offer. It was a very informative presentation. After the presentation the students were taken on a trip around the factory. It was a huge plant. It took almost half an hour to visit the whole factory. There were magnificent containers which contained 1 lac liters of milk each. It was a very elucidative experience.
As the visit around the factory finished, personnels of Mother Dairy readied containers of milk for students to drink. Everybody enjoyed their unlimited drinks. They also offered ice creams to everybody. People at Mother Dairy were very sincere and cordial. All the students and teachers then got together for a group photograph. Everybody seemed to enjoy the visit to the fullest. At the completion of the visit everybody got into the bus again for a trip back.
However everybody had got tired and was hungry. Therefore it was decided that on the way back the bus would stop at V3S mall for refreshments and leisure time. Thus students got down at the mall, had food, and played video games. It was in all a great experience. The trip was necessary to give the students an understanding of how the management in the outer world takes place and how they as upcoming managers are expected to be. K R Mangalam provides such opportunities to its students all year round in the form industrial visits, guests lectures, and competitions. These grooms students holistically and help in their becoming more responsible and efficient managers.
The final day came to an end and thus the three day orientation programme of K R Mangalam Institute of Management.
GUEST LECTURE - Ms.Surbhi Nigam
Guest lecture was organized on 23rd August 2013 on ‘Ethics & Values In Corporate World’ by Ms. Surbhi Nigam. This topic is currently the need of HR & Training in Kaizer Training Solution Ppt’s were presented which were very informative, attention seeking & fun to be watched. Concepts molded with present day example with animated slides gave away the students using view into corporate discipline. As corporate governance one of the current topics of the business world was elaborated & explained in concise and handy way so that the I Semester students so that they find interest in the topic. At the end of session, a management game was organized by the speaker, in which student were divided into two team, Ethical team and Unethical team. They were given different situations in which they have to formulate polices which will be the best. Ethical view point team won the game. Students took the game in healthy & fair way.
Afterwards student’s queries were addressed in the end of the session.
in QUIZition
27th August 2013 the day of Management Quiz inQUIZition, competition was organized. Nervousness on the students could be felt as most of them were experiencing the business quiz for the first time. Big number of students participated in it with reading business magazines and finally 5 teams were made 4(four) from BBA - I Sem and 1(one) BBA - III Sem. Five rounds were played with each team of Banks, Punch Lines, Logos, Rapid fire and the last round was Buzzer Round. Participants were enthusiastic about the Competition but there was lack of response amongst the students (non-participants). Students (BBA - I year) were positive and shows knowledgeable and understanding. It was won by Shivam Khattar, Samarth Gupta, Abhilasha Sadan, Shane Dudeja and Masihullah Abbasi.
Industrial visit to Parle on 30th September 2013
Industrial visit was organized on 30th September 2013 at Parle, Bahadurgarh and this was second outdoor event for freshers (BBM-1, PG-1). An animated story was presented in which different categories of products manufactured by Parle was presented and there manufacturing process as well. All the differented categories were presented and their advantages and power ups were told in a very knowledgeable way. Afterword, we went for town to production units where the product line of cookies and sweets manufactured by Parle was presented in their different chambers and process of packaging. At the end, as a goodwill each student was given chips and some sweets. Students got tired and to re-fresh the students we all went to city Square Mall, Rajouri Garden at all time favourite eating hub McDonalds followed by refreshment meal of Burgers, French fries and chilled cold drinks. Hanging out with friends in the mall and exploring every bit of same was huge break from regular classes that are conducted in our campus from Monday to Friday. Way back to campus in air – conditioned buses with antakshinis and tongue twisters games entire day was fun.
Industrial visit - Yakult on 20th September 2013
The visit was held on 20th September 2013. The visit was organized by Mrs. Rachna Agrawal. On behalf of all BBA 1st semester students thanks you for this industrial visit. The factory was state of the art. The huggenience level was out of the world. The staff was very Professional. They were very precise about product. Each of us was provided with a bottle of Yakult. The Yakult workers briefed out their history through ended there was a group photograph of BBA I Semester students. The trip was full enthusiasm and every one enjoyed it. After the visit all students were taken to a dhaba to have lunch. After that we faced a problem driver was drunken for safety of students were shifted in one bus. As these visit are needed inorder to give exposure to the students so inorder to give exposure to the students that when they enter corporate sector. They have some experience which will beneficial for them.
Crème de la crème- The shimmering Passion
The very best as the title translates and it goes so true with the event held on 27th September 2013 at the Maddox G.K.-1 venue. The welcomes and the goodbyes have always been very special at K.R. Mangalam. The institution believes the students are the foundation of their existence and a proper invite to the family of KRM will help sustain thriving and exuberant relation that goes beyond the lines of imparting education alone. The whole festivity of the fresher’s party is celebrated with countdown taking its toll backward and a magnificent boom ultimately announcing of arrival of new birds.
So sit back and let us take you to the excitement of the sparkling hoopla. The party was divided in two themes, the commencement was with Bollywood ethnic theme which was like prelims consisting of dancing, singing, skit(group) competitions in which students got the opportunity to showcase their talent and let their wild side emerge in flames behind that timorousness. The talent that proved most effective in proving themselves to be unique with a hint of twist was selected to be competing for various exciting titles. The second part of the celebration was the finale; consider it as slowly reaching to the climax of the movie with nerve chilling suspense of the winners and what is to come forth.
It was as if the evening had so manifolds and with only time could that be explored and so it was, my friend. The theme given was western wears and I only speak for I heard in loud whispers that student council much appreciated the western attire. The event was at the lavishing Maddox from 2:00pm to 8:00pm. The ambience was most soothing and music in the air that made hard to not enjoy the evening. Not only the students but the faculty found hard not to shake a leg or two on the beats of the tune.
Snacks and drinks were made available for the lost energy in all the dance moves. Then began the more practiced ramp walk with a question answering round on basis of which various titles were distributed as Mr. and Ms. Fresher( BBA & MBA), Photogenic, Beautiful smile, Best dressed and Attitude.
The honorable seats for judges’ position were so correctly acquired by Ms. Avjeet Kaur, Ms. Manpreet Randhawa and Ms. Manvi Arora. They with their years of experience made most appropriate choices and none disagreed to the results generated. When the students were allowed to be students, they came to their worst or best whatever you may say, when that little child inside them took toll over their mind and body. When asked to some of the participants regarding the party, they commented, “Good one” as other said,
“I never knew teachers could be that participative”,
“It was a great party, great crowd and all in all a hit”,
while one was too busy remembering the evening once again and gave a sly smile of some mischief that he might have done, he showed thumbs up and then he slid back to whatever made him smile about that party. In covering the fresher’s party, I got to know that what it is like to be a kid again and dance like you could careless, what it is like to have faculty who are more of a friend when one needs, what it is like to let everyone be a part of your smile and so the happiness becomes thrice, as for the boy with mischievous smile, who knows what interesting secrets he holds of that evening which will remain unknown. Those who attended the party does believe that KRM will always remain in their memories for time to come and will ignite the light of education for their careers as well.
So to all a goodnight and yet more interesting events awaits.
Guest Lecture - Mr.Joginder Bajaj (Retd G.M – PNB bank)
All of us have this ultimate streak and urge to catch hold of a produce which meets our requirements and is attractive enough. But have we ever thought. What is it that makes a product attractive & valuable?
It’s all one Game of” Marketing”; which is to actively promote a product or service. It’s a “push tactic”. One shouldn’t confuse branding with marketing because branding is not push but “Pull”. Branding is a communication of characteristics, values & attributes that classify what this particular brand is & is not!
“Branding is strategic, marketing is tactical” as said by Mr. Bajaj, to make his point more clear he added “marketing may contribute to a brand, but the brand is bigger than any particular marketing effort.
So, basically branding is what remains after the marketing has swep through the room. The brand is ultimately what determines if you will become a local customer or not.
One should understand the 5 p’s which contributes to marketing:
• product (service)
• Place
• Price
• Promotion
• Packaging
Before buying a product we have to be clear about what we actually need & is the product worth the pay?
“Everything that glitters is not Gold. The aim of marketing is to know and understand the customer so well the product or service fits him $ sells itself. Business has only two function- marketing& innovation.
As his conclusion he quoted Barack Obama “There is probably a perverse pride in our administration that we are going to do the right thing, even if in short- term it is unpopular. We think anybody who has occupied the office has to remember that success is determined by an intersection in policy& politics and that we can’t be neglecting of marketing, PR and public opinion.”
Debate Competition
This is to inform you that a Debate competition was conducted between the two sections of BBA(1st sem). This debate was organized on 15th Oct.2013 by Ms. Rachna Agrawal. Ms. Chestha Kapuria and Mr. Ankit Goel were the judges of the Debate. It was a very interesting debate in which four groups participated on various topics such as cricketers are overpais, Social networking is boon or bane, Managers are boon or made.
Students were very interactive and they were cross questioning and come up with different ideas. Students were very interactive and interacted in a positive manner. All the participants gave their best shot and the judges were impressed by all the participants. At last their was something for the winners as well as participation certificate for every participants which actually encourage students to be more participative an active in future events.
YMCA, National Youth Festival ‘’YUVANJUMAN ‘’ an Intercollege event was conducted by YMCA was organized in Greater Noida from the 17th to 19th October 2013. Students from Delhi/NCR Management colleges participated in various competitions. Rahul Dogra participating in skit, Shubham Mishra in singing, Md. Sahil in Singing, Aishwarya Bawa in poster making and Shireen Aftab in poster making. Where Md. Sahil made us feel proud by winning first position in Singing competition. Second day students participated in Quiz & Skit where Shivam Khattar, Divya Sharma and Mahima Pasrija made us feel proud by winning 2nd position in Quiz followed by Rahul Dogra, Shubham Mishra and Ashish Anand. The event was organized very well, and the exposure given YMCA was commendable.
The third day getting registered at their desk. Two groups; group-1 # folk dance - 8 students Group-2# western group - 4 students were presenting us in YMCA
We reached there at around 12:p.m., folk dance performance of Nagaland was performed by YMCA (another branch), Punjabi folk dance (Punjab Technical University), Rajasthani, Haryanvi were performed.
Afterwards our group-1 performed on Punjabi pop songs. Dance steps were very innovative. Major thrust area was choice, selection of songs, dresses, suitable to the different western dance competition started at around 2:45 p.m., these were different themes according to which groups were performing as in. Ghosts theme, securities of women, hip hop and contemporary.
But hereto our group. Choice of songs, practice, and coordination were not upto the mark. Ghosts theme in particular was really a scary as well as spellbound performance. It was a joyous & as well as learning, & eye-opener in particular for the students. The atmosphere was very colorful, cheerful and joyous. Finally the event came to an end with winning two prizes first position in singing and second position in Quiz. Big achievement to us with happy faces we were back to our campus.

JOSH'2015 concluded with the award ceremony

The annual 3-days mega sports event "JOSH'2015" was held at the campus from 24-26 February 2015. The entire event was coordinated by the faculty and staff members along with the student representatives. All the events - badminton, football, cricket, relay race, volleyball and chess- witnessed active participation by both, the undergraduate as well as the post graduate students. Their was intense competition between the teams, wildly cheered by the students. The paticipants not only exhibited their skills, but also demonstrated impeccable sportsmanship. Following were declared the worthy winners:-

• Volley ball - BBM-I
• Football- B.Arch
• Badminton (Singles)- BBM-V
• Badminton (Doubles)-B.Arch
• Chess- BBM-I
• Relay race- BBM-I
• Cricket- B.Arch

JOSH 2014(Sports Day)
The annual sports event JOSH was organized on 27th & 28th March 2014. The event got off to a rollicking start in presence of large audience who were wildly enthusiastic & cheered every move. Even the weather was pleasant enough as it was partly cloudy with a cool breeze blowing across. Headed by the faculty and staff members of K R Mangalam Institutions of Higher Education the event was successfully completed with huge cooperation and involvement throughout the event.
Various students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses from management and architecture participated in Josh. Games like cricket, volleyball, athletics and badminton had the maximum participation and were played in the true spirit of the game. As expected, the cricket match was the center of attraction in the complete event as even the faculties & staff could not resist the temptation to participate.
All the participants were awarded the certificate of appreciation, with the winners getting the richly deserved trophy by the Director , Prof. Vijay Anand Dubey and HOD-Architecture, Ar. Amit Garg in a special felicitation ceremony organized at the end of the event.
Overall Result of Josh:
Cricket - Winning Trophy was taken by Architecture Team followed by the runner up team of undergraduate management programme.
Athletics - The fastest amongst all was Sudipto (B.Arch), followed by Ansal George(B.Arch) and Deepak Pathak (BBM).
Volleyball - Winning Team was BBM and Runner up Team was MBA.
Badminton - Architecture students were highly appreciated for their overall positions as winners & also as runner-up team.
Events at KR Mangalam Institute of Management (August – September 2014) :
The new academic session 2014-15 began with the industrial visit to Mother Dairy on 8th August 2014 followed by the visit to V3S mall for refreshments (sponsored by the institute). On 13th August, the students shared their observations & experiences through power point presentations. The next event in August was Ad-Making competition was held on 22nd August where students from MBA, BBA & BCA (1st semester) participated where the winners were given prizes. On 29t August 2014, guest lecture was organized where Mr. Rishabh Jhol, Vice President, IN Technologies interacted with the students on the topic “Design Thinking”. The students found the session quite informative & useful. Around 90 students from MBA, BBA & BCA (1st semester) attended the session.
We celebrated Teachers’ Day on 5th September 2014 in the seminar hall at our campus. The programme was successfully organized by the students & some staff members of the institute. Everyone enjoyed the event which ended on a happ​y note.
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