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 Infrastructure :
Academic Strength :
K. R. Mangalam offers a curriculum which blends academic excellence with business relevance. The basic objective is to develop business graduates with holistic perspective, versatile in functional areas and specialized in the world of business and industry. Management skill education at K. R. Mangalam combines hard core management with practical relevance to their work environment.
A Bold Approach to Learning:
The K. R. Mangalam MBA is decidedly different. Our unique approach to MBA education gives K. R. Mangalam management graduates a competitive edge that employers notice. We nurture innovation and entrepreneurship; we encourage appropriate risk-taking. Our experiential, hands-on, transformational learning environment delivers best learning to the students. At K. R. Mangalam, we emphasize teamwork and collaboration. We are passionate about the success of our students. That's why our MBA graduates emerge ready to generate creative solutions, critically assess risks and communicate effectively with people at each level of any organization.
Faculty :
Senior members of the K, R. Mangalam faculty teach the MBA Program classes. They are scholars of distinction; well known for their research and experience in working with business, government, regulatory bodies and executive education programs of repute.
The faculty members form an eclectic mix in terms of academic expertise and professional experience. They collectively bring in methodological mastery, intellectual rigour, business perspectives and practical experience into educational process.
Laptop -As a learning tool :
Laptops are provided to the students as a efficient and effective learning tool, during the tenure of the programme. A student can take the Laptop along with him/her after completion of the programme. However, if any student leaves in the mid of the programme, the laptop will have to be returned to the Institute. The Laptop shall remain the property of the Institute until the completion of the course. Teaching Methodology
Learning at K. R. Mangalam is a synergy of unique teaching methodologies comprising of lectures, case discussions, seminars, presentations, group activity, soft skills training and field projects. Management principles with core values which helps each student tap their inner source and emerge as world class business leaders.

The classroom experience at K. R. Mangalam is centered on the case method, which brings the realities, conflicts, challenges, and dilemmas of real business issq.es to the forefront of every class. Through this remarkable interactive process, faculty and students create an environment where everyone contributes to teaching and learning.
A Commitment to Teaching :
The distinguished K. R. Mangalam faculty is driven by passion to create, share knowledge, to inspire, nurture, and ultimately, to be enriched by the works of their students. Our faculty brings such talents and experience to the classroom that it creates a dynamic learning environment. Students walk-out K. R. Mangalam fundamentally changed by the experience. The goal of K. R. Mangalam is to prepare students for the challenges of future leadership. We firmly believe that the case method is by far the most powerful way to learn the skills required to manage, and to lead.

The case method forces students to grapple with exactly the kinds of dilemmas and decisions managers confront every day. In doing so, it redefines the traditional educational dynamics in which the professor dispenses knowledge and students passively receive it. The case method creates a classroom in which students succeed not only by simply absorbing facts and theories, but also by exercising the skills of leadership and teamwork in the face of real problems.
Learning from One Another :
Every first year student is assigned to a specific section where he/she take all his/her first-year classes together. Though each section is carefully selected to seek the diversity of the student body as a whole, each section develops its own personality and protocols. Every section is taught by a team of faculty who work closely together to integrate ideas and themes across the various classes.

For K. R. Mangalam students, their section becomes the center of their intellectual and social life, their extended family on campus, allowing them to reap the rewards of a more intimate environment while at
the same time realizing the advantages of a large school. It is also a safe environment for honing the practical skills of compromise, negotiation, teamwork, persuasion, and leadership.

Every student is also a teacher. A great part of what students learn at K. R. Mangalam comes from listening to the dozens of contrasting analyses, opinions, and perspectives of their classmates, a diverse constellation of exceptionally talented people from an extraordinary range of personal and professional backgrounds.

K. R. Mangalam is the only Institute in India which has started 11 point CPP Programme to make its students Corporate ready. Programmes on confidence building and personality development are arranged with reputed management consultants to map the personality profile of students, identify their strengths and weakness and provide specialized training to correct any deficiency. Realizing the importance of effective communication in Management specialized programmes on communication skills are conducted regularly for all the students.

These sessions involve extensive use of interactive and practice oriented training to develop skills and build up confidence. The aim of CPP Programme is wholesome development of all graduate and under graduate students.

Summer Training Projects
Students are required to undertake a summer training project with a company of repute during the summer break between II & III semester. Summer placement enables students to get a first hand exposure to organizations, work on field-based projects and apply the concepts and techniques learned from course work to real life managerial problems. At the end of the project the student submits a report and makes a presentation of the work done under the guidance of a faculty member/industry mentor.

Global Perspective
The management programme provides a broad view of global business and enables students to focus on individual career goals through electives, real-world business projects, certificates and multiple degrees.
Global themes are woven throughout the curriculum via specific courses, classroom discussions by students with global experience and our study tours. At K.R. Mangalam, we help students to develop their understanding of other countries' economies, businesses and cultures through study tours, guest/distinguished speakers and seminars. Trips include company visits, meetings with business and government leaders, and tours of significant cultural and historical sites. The trips are open to students in all of our programs.

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