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Bachelor in Business Administration, BBA
This program aims at developing a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills through an appropriate blending of business and general education. The program helps the student in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities required for successfully managing business functions or an enterprise.
Duration: 3 Years
Course Outline: Principles of Management/Financial Accounting/Economics/Organizational Behavior/Business Statistics/Research Methodology/Business Law/Strategic Management. Specialization in Human Resource, Marketing, Finance and International Business.
Career Options: Commerce and Business.
Eligibility Criteria: He/She should have passed the 10+2 examination conducted by Central Board of Secondary Education or equivalent examination from a recognized board.
Bachelor of Business Administration + Diploma of Business Administration
BBA+ DBA = Dual Certification Programme
For those who have decided to pursue MBA, it's the ideal programme, as it not only provides the foundation, but also makes the path easier. Students at an early age learn the basics of business and can
(3-year Full Time)
The programme is meant for budding managers, who have chosen management as their career. We provide triple certification, 3 year full time programme.
       BBA Course Curriculum  
        I - Semester  
- Indian Business Environment
- Financial Accounting
- Business Economics
- Computers for Managers
- Communication Skills
- Soft Skill Development
- French-I
        II - Semester  
- Constitution of India
- Marketing Fundamentals
- Organizational Behaviour
- Legal Regulatory Framework
- Quantitative Techniques for   Managers
- Management Information System
        III - Semester
- Management Accounting
- Internet Fundamentals
- Environment Studies
- Managerial Economics
- Cost Accounting
        IV - Semester  
- Financial Management
- Human Resource Management
- Marketing Management
- Product & Operations   Management
- Fundamentals of Business Statistics
- Taxation
        V - Semester  
- Small Business Management
- Entrepreneurship Development
- Indian Economic Development
- Business Statistics
- Commercial Law
- System Analysis & Design
        VI - Semester  
- Project Report & Viva
    Diploma in Business Administration (DBA)
        I - Semester  
- Introduction to Economics
- Business Environment
- Basic Financial Accounting
        II - Semester
- Advanced Financial Accounting
- Managerial Economics
- Principles of  Management
        III - Semester  
- Computer and Internet   Fundamentals
- Indian Economic Environment
- Functional Management
- Cost Accounting
        IV - Semester  
- Business Mathematics
- Commercial Law
- Accounting for Management
- Application of Computers in   Business
        V - Semester  
- Business Statistics
- Indian Financial System
- Small Business Management
        VI - Semester  
- Entrepreneurship Development
- Corporate Laws
- Introduction to Income-Tax
- Elective*
Marketing Management
  - Fundamentals of Marketing Management
  - Marketing Research
  - Advertising Management
  - International Marketing

Financial Management
 - Basics of Financial Management
  - Capital Structure and Dividend Decisions
  - Working Capital Management
  - Financial Services

Human Resource Management
  - Manpower Planning
  - Industrial Psychology
  - Organization and Profile
  - Industrial Relations


Master of Business Administration (MBA)
Post Graduate Programme in Management Studies (PGPMS)
This program is designed to help students grow and succeed in the managerial field. Throughout the program students gain valuable insights from the classroom, visitors and speakers who include prominent business personalities, leading academics and global Commentators. The program offers specialization in Finance, Marketing, Human Resource Management and International Business.
Duration: 2 Years.
Course Outline: Management Process & Behaviour/Business Communication/Marketing Management/Legal Aspects of Business/Information Systems in Business/ Financial Accounting/Managerial Economics/Quantitative Techniques/Human Resource Management/ Financial Management/International Marketing.
Career Options: Management, both for profit and non-profit organization; Real-world projects from industry opening; Marketing, Finance, Project Management, Entrepreneurship and many other domains depending on one’s specialization.
Eligibility Criteria: He/She should have passed Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent with at least 50% marks in aggregate.
Master in Business Administration

The programme has been designed in consultation  with industry leaders and is at par with what the best of B-schools in the world offer. A few pioneering innovations have also been incorporated, like the unique pedagogy, that makes the learning process student centric, where the faculty acts as a facilitator and the learning process is initiated by the student. It also incorporates constructive activities including going on field visits, participating in various management workshops and competitions, organizing guest lectures and working on live business projects, which makes transition from classroom to the boardroom smooth.

Master in Business Administration
This is a highly advanced course in management for those aiming at the managerial positions. Case studies help them understand the various situations managers go through, how they solve the problem and how they would have done it. It’s for those, seeking responsible positions in an industry. This programme also helps managers not only improving their leadership skills but also imparts the art of tackling complex social issues like micro lending, rural health and hygiene – eye care, artificial limbs or iodized salt, empowering the farmers through e-choupal, rural marketing and a whole range of issues of exploiting the fortune at the bottom of pyramid. The degree offered is recognized by UGC, Ministry of HRD, Government of India under section 2(f).
The programme is designed keeping in mind the fast changing business scenario and the need to develop unique, young management talent to take advantage of these changes. Managers who will respond as well as steer the dynamics which is socially relevant and ethical.
The programme is structured with courses spread over four semesters, which gives students an optimal climate to develop a well round personality, ready to face challenges from the day one.

(2-year Full Time)
  PGPMS Course Curriculum*  
        I - Semester  
- Principles of Management
- Marketing Management
- Business Communication
- Computers in Management
- Case Studies

        II - Semester  
- Financial Management
- Strategic Management
- Organizational Behaviour
- Legal aspects of Business
- Managerial Economics
- Quantitative Techniques
- Case Studies
     Summer Training
After the completion of the II semester students will undergo 'Summer Training Project' for eight weeks in various organizations in their respective specialization areas.
        III - Semester
- Corporate Strategy
- Entrepreneurship
- E-business
- Creativity and Innovation   Management
- Elective I
- Elective II
- Case Studies
        IV - Semester
- Business Ethics and Corporate   Governance
- Global Strategic Management
Case Study:
- Passion for Excellence
- The Fifth Discipline
- Fortune at the bottom of Pyramid
- Leadership lessons from the movie     'Lagaan'
Each functional area has a list of electives to be offered. Courses are
added or deleted in accordance with the industry requirement. Students can specialize in any two of the following areas – Finance, HRM, Marketing, International Business.
- Brand Management
- Sales Management
- Channel Management
- Service Marketing
- Retail Management
- Integrated Marketing   Communications
- Rural Marketing
- International Marketing
        Human Resource Management  
- Organizational Structure and Design
- Human Resource Planning
- Employee Relation
- Compensation Management
- Training & Development
- Change Management
- International Human Resource   Management
        International Business
- International Marketing Research
- International Marketing
- International Finance
- International Economics
- Documentation for Exports
  MBA Course Curriculum
       I Semester  
- Management Concepts & Theories
- Organisational Behaviour
- Business Environment
- Managerial Communication
- Managerial Accounting
- Managerial Economics
- Statistics for Management
        II- Semester
- Marketing Management
- Human Resources Management
- Corporate Finance
- Operational Research
- Operations Management
- Management Information System
        III- Semester  
- Entrepreneurial Development &   Project Management
- Business Legislation
- Strategic Management
- Elective Groups-Any one of the   Following groups:
      Group I-Marketinq Management  
▪ Product and Brand Management
▪ Consumer Behaviour and Market
▪ Research
▪ Sales and Logistic Management
▪ Advertising and Sales Promotion
▪ Management
    Group II-Financial Management  
▪ Financial Strategies
▪ Security Analysis and Portfolio
▪ Management
▪ Advance Capital Budgeting
▪ Advance Capital Structure Theories
    Group III-Human Resource Management  
▪ Training & Development
▪ Human Resource Development
▪ HR Intervention and Management of   Change
▪ Total Quality in Human Resources
      IV Semester  
▪ Elective Group - Any one of the following groups:
    Group I-Marketing Management  
▪ Business Marketing
▪ Services Marketing
▪ International Marketing
▪ Rural Marketing
    Group II-Financial Management  
▪ Corporate Restructuring Derivatives
▪ International Financial Management
▪ Corporate Taxation
    Group III-Human Resource   Management  
▪ Collective Bargaining Labour
▪ Legislation Industrial Relations
▪ Leadership Skills

* Syllabus and Course Curriculum of each programme is subject to change at the discretion of the Management of K.R. Mangalam.

London is one of the best places, perhaps the best place in the world to study business. Taught in London’s only campus university of historic buildings and green spaces, this programme provides an excellent foundation for a range of careers in business and management. Studying Business in London at Roehampton gives our students an edge in starting a career in a competitive job market. Companies are eager to recruit individuals who understand business and the wider global business environment.

Entry Pre-September
BSc Single Honours, BA/BSc Combined Honours
Roehampton University Business School
PROGRAMME CONVENER(S): Diane Garside, 020 8392 3015,

LOCATION: The modules in this programme are taught at the Roehampton Lane (Southlands College) campus unless otherwise stated.

PROGRAMME OUTLINE: Students study Business Management as either a single-subject or a combined-subject programme. Specialised pathways
(and named degrees) are available in Human Resource Management, Retail Management and Marketing. Other specialised pathways
(but not named degrees) are available in Business Economics, Business Law, Enterprise and International Business.

AIMS: This programme aims to:
         • meet the need for adaptive, adaptable graduates with the ability to manage change;
         • empower students from a variety of educational backgrounds to fulfil their academic potential;
         • provide a wide number of core and elective modules equipping students with necessary skills, knowledge and understanding for a wide
            range of careers, including employment in business organisations or self-employment;
         • develop students’ personal and interpersonal transferable skills;
         • provide students with opportunities for continuing intellectual development;
         • provide an academic basis for further study including that of business and management at graduate level and/or graduate training.

LEARNING OUTCOMES: Students who successfully complete the programme will:
         • have a knowledge and understanding of the external and internal business environments;
         • demonstrate analytical skill through the identification, selection and interpretation of complex data;
         • be able to describe, analyse, synthesise, evaluate and apply theoretical models underpinning key business and management decision making processes in an            international context;
         • show an understanding of organisational decision-making and have developed problem-solving skills;
         • be able to use relevant research and problem-solving skills through a variety of organisation based projects;
         • be able to identify and raise new, challenging issues in written, numerical and oral work acknowledging ethical considerations;
         • have enhanced interpersonal skills e.g. building relationships, maximising individual strengths, negotiating individual contributions to a group task to allow the             pursuit of group goals and to foster individual and group effectiveness;
         • be computer literate and appreciate the use of IT applications, including e-learning, in the organization;
         • have effective intellectual autonomy, initiative and self-competence in learning situations;
         • have developed relevant personal transferable skills e.g. oral, written, analytical, problem-solving and time management skills applicable to a range of job             opportunities including self-employment;
         • appreciate the importance of enterprise and entrepreneurial activity in both commercial and not-for-profit organizations;
         • have gained a broad grounding across a number of subject specialisms to enable entry into postgraduate study and/or vocational training in relevant areas.
         Students who choose to study for a combined degree, in which they major or equal in Business Management, will meet these learning outcomes to a less                   developed extent than single honours students. Students who minor in Business Management will partially meet these outcomes.

Roehampton University has its roots in the traditions of its four constituents colleges. Studying at a collegiate university gives students a sense of community, you are not only part of the University, but will also have an instant identity within the smaller world of the College.
Roehampton University- Number one in London for:
         • Employability
         • Campus and Surrounding area
         • Student- staff relationship
Roehampton University is home to over 1,100 international students from countries as varied as Ecuador, Japan, Norway, Sri Lanka, Turkey, and the US. The University's diverse population enriches the learning and social experience for all students. Join the growing undergraduate and postgraduate community and get the benefit of outstanding academic staff working at the cutting edge of their subjects. Your University experience will be enhance by their beautiful campus, studying in one of the liveliest and most cosmopolitan cities in the world.
Achieve a British degree in less than 1 year
Get enrolled for K. R. Mangalam-Roehampton exclusive programme:
MBA (International) Investment in your future,
enhance your career prospects…today
MBA (International) Investment in your future, enhance your career prospects…today
<< International Linkages >>

   * Global Exposure
   * Partnerships with Educational Bodies
   * International Faculty
   * International Projects
   * Student Exchange
   * Foreign Language Certification

            Top Universities
   * Anglia Ruskin University, UK   
   * Birmingham City University, UK   
   * Deakin University, Australia   
   * University of East London, UK   
   * University of Hertfordshire, UK   
   * Middlesex University, UK   
   * Northwood University, USA
     And many more to follow…

K.R. Mangalam has partnership with excellent Education Bodies for faculty and students exchange programmes that are in consonance with international standards. The world is fast shrinking and we clearly recognize and value the importance of international exposure. Students of K.R. Mangalam get hands-on-exposure through International Internships. Given the increasing number of foreign collaborations pertaining to trade, investment and manufacturing, we firmly believe in providing hands on exposure to our students and as such the programme includes a Foreign Study Tour to continents across the globe including industry visit.

Towards its commitment of providing truly global education, the group has collaborative arrangement with many foreign Institutions and Universities to enable faculty and students exchange programmes and exchange ideas on curriculum and teaching technologies.

Our students get advance entry to the Undergraduate and Post Graduate degree programme of Universities in UK, USA and Australia. Also with large number of offices across India of the parent group, students get opportunities to learn and indulge in international trade.

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